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Why do we smile?


Nothing compares to the feeling of a genuine smile - not the social smiles we make when a photographer says “CHEESE!” We’re talking about natural smiles, which represent who you are and why life is good.


There are so many reasons for us to smile - our favorites are family, friends and hearing the chapel bell ring after the dawgs win. Such a simple expression actually impacts health and happiness, and the effect is contagious. In fact, smiling actually triggers the release of endorphins in your brain!


Dr. Waugh has made an advanced career out of studying smiles and maximizing the potential smile for each person. Well before his professional training, he dreamed of helping everyone smile bigger and brighter. Dr. Waugh and his team truly love to see patients find new confidence, after straightening their teeth with careful precision.


Not many orthodontists study the dynamics of how lips frame a person’s smile. This area of expertise is the artistic part of what is typically considered a mechanical process. Before starting treatment, Dr. Waugh analyzes each patient’s “Smile Arc,” then customizes their tooth display by adjusting the relative heights of each brace. This technique allows him to avoid the common pitfall - flattening someone’s smile and making it appear artificial. In all cases, Dr. Waugh works to protect the natural arc of a smile.


For more information on this subject, please let us know you’re interested in a dynamic smile analysis from Dr. Waugh and his team. Part of our reason for smiling every day is to serve you by creating your very best smile!

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